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September is national mortgage professional month. Officially proclaimed by the National Day Calendar in 2015, the month is meant to celebrate all mortgage industry professionals who play a role in helping people finance their dream of owning a home. At the beginning of the month, Class Appraisal Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jon Tallinger…

Many companies will say they appreciate their employees and occasionally they will show it by hosting a holiday party or buying lunch for their team.  However, how much do these occasional events affect employees and their engagement at work?  We would say, not that much. Which is why at Class Appraisal, we do things differently….

Have you ever struggled with fostering a better, more inclusive company culture? This seems to be a common concern among companies, and Class Appraisal has created the Team Member Services Department to further promote our company culture. In fact, within the past 6 months there have been so many positive changes that our team has…

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