December 2017

Mandy Huston

Mandy Huston, Inc

I’ve been appraising for 16 years and I love it! I love being able to schedule my day however I want to but I find that I’m a workaholic. I ask myself do I work to live or live to work? I live with my boyfriend of 8 years and we are building our dream home on a lake. I have two fur babies (cats) Chile & Pepper.

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  • What is one thing about you that might surprise people?

    That I golfed in high school and I still do to this day.

  • What is your favorite meal?

    Cholula Hot Sauce, I know it's not a meal but I put it on everything I eat.

  • What is your best achievement?

    Graduating College at UCF.

  • Do you have a catch-phrase or mission statement?

    If not now...WHEN?

  • Who is your hero and why?

    My Dad, he taught me great work and life ethics.

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