January 2018

Derwin Moore

JLS Express Appraisals

I’ve been in the appraisal business for 28 years. I have endured joy, pain, elation, and heartache; However, I still find myself excited at the beginning of each month and what it might bring. I’ve been married to my best friend Trish for 20 years and have 3 wonderful children Stephen, Lindsay, and Julian. They all bring me great joy and the strength to continue the challenges associated with the industry.

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  • Favorite Starburst flavor?

    Strawberry, because my humor will make you cheeks red!

  • Favorite food indulgence?

    Chicken fried rice from Tao's restaurant at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

  • The one thing that might surprise people about me?

    I'm a date movie fan with happy endings.

  • Do you sing in the shower?

    I sing in the shower, all over the house, and in the car. This one was easy. I was in the music business for years before I got married and started my appraisal company.

  • If you ruled the world and could make one change, what would it be?

    If I ruled the world the change I would make would be for all people to be seen not by their color or ethnicity, but by the beautiful light that we all have inside of us....that better side that resides in all of us.

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