January 2018

Rheim Penman

LoanDepot Wholesale

I started in the business in 1989 at a title company and then to Secondary/Correspondent at a local bank. Washington Mutual was where I began as Operations Manager and started my career as an Account Executive in 1998. My husband and I have 2 boys, age 6 and 7, and we love to travel and play tennis as a family.

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  • If you could eat one type of food or dessert every day and not suffer any consequences whatsoever, what would it be?

    My local Backers Bakery icing on anything and everything!

  • What’s your biggest pet peeve?


  • If you could have lunch with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

    One of the Founding Fathers, especially George Washington ~ I love American History.

  • Which member of Scooby Doo would you be and why?

    Scoob is my favorite but I would need to be Daphne.

  • What is one thing about you that might surprise people?

    My boys have inspired me to ignore my age and I am taking cello with them and I started ballet too.

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