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April 2018

Scott Griffin

Scott Griffin Financial

Arizona native, Scott Griffin has always had the ability to make people smile.  It’s his natural ability to educate and entertain which makes him one of the most charismatic and hardworking leaders in the mortgage industry.

He has been recognized by members of Congress for his work on housing reform and was the 2016/2017 past President of the California Association of Mortgage Professionals.

At the young age of nineteen Scott began his career in the real estate industry leasing out luxury apartments.  He eventually got the opportunity to transfer to the Los Angeles area in 1994 with that firm.

It was during his own refinance that the mortgage lending side of the industry really peeked his interest and his uncanny ability to communicate led his broker to invite him to work with her.

In 2003 Scott opened his name sake brokerage and has been helping people achieve their goals of homeownership ever since.

When he’s not helping his clients, Scott enjoys going to movies and spending time with his husband and two dogs.

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  • What is your favorite fast food chain?

    Starbucks – I’ll never forget how excited I was when I received a Starbucks unlimited coffee/tea cup for Christmas – That year had some great presents, but how funny that the Starbucks unlimited coffee cup brought the brightest joy 😊

  • Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why?

    Carl Schwartz, one of my foster father, he helped me to believe in myself again at an early age and to believe that everything is possible – even for me.

  • What’s your favorite website?

    Google – I love that almost any question I can think of, Google seems to have an answer- and it’s so user friendly.

  • Which hit reality TV show is your guilty pleasure?

    The Voice – I love how inspirational the show is – the joy that happens when the chair turns – or when the contestants get invited for the show next week – offering the opportunity of living out their dreams.

  • What is your one of your favorite achievements?

    Becoming a leader within our industry, the 2016/2017 State President for the California Association of Mortgage Professionals. Having the opportunity to make a true difference within our industry.

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