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I can not tell you how many times I have said “Class Appraisal is
absolutely the very best!”
You guys blow me away with your customer service and your thoroughness.
I was the one who made the loan number mistake and you just whipped your
way right through it.
Kudos to you and your staff at Class Appraisal.

- Hughie Thomas

You guys are by far the best appraisal management company I have worked for. The fact that you have knowledgeable and competent appraisal reviewers looking at the report and finding things I may miss, it’s awesome. Thank you! It makes a world of difference..

- Robert Schuster

All appraisers want to work with the most knowledgeable and compliance oriented AMC businesses.  Class Appraisal is among that group due to their responsiveness, reliability and expert handling of the appraisal process.

- Jim Finney

I wanted to express my gratitude on our great relationship with your company. I have been doing appraisals for Class Appraisal for four years and over my 30-year career the relationship is as good as it gets. All matters regardless of circumstance have been handled in a courteous and professional manner. I would highly recommend Class Appraisal.

- Ian Callison

My name is Eric and I have performed nearly 600 appraisals for Class over the past few years and the experience has been a good one. I have worked with several AMC’s over the past 10 years and Class is the best I have come across yet. Class offers consistent volume, fair fees, quick payment and a solid QC dept. In my opinion, all of these are key to maintaining a solid partnership and being successful as an Appraiser. 

- Eric Ludolph

My Name is Frank Trucchio, a panel appraiser for Class Appraisal. Working with Class Appraisal has been a positive experience and the entire staff, from top to bottom, is professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. They work with us and always value our input, and whenever we have a question or concerns they make themselves readily available to communicate, and help to resolve issues that may come up during the appraisal process. Working with Class Appraisal is a “Win Win” for everyone. Even though we have completed over 9,000 appraisals we have learned from their expertise.

- Frank Trucchio

We are in a small community on the Oregon Coast and there seems to be a shortage of appraisers. The majority of Appraisal Management Companies cannot or will not use our local appraisers of which we have three. This results in unacceptable turn times and additional costs.  Class Appraisal has helped us through this time of unacceptable turn times by using our local appraisers when possible and simply providing superior service. Their communication is excellent, and they are there to help even on weekends. And believe it or not they actually listen.

Thanks for your great service

- Joe Henry

As our brokerage begins to send more business to UWM, we are using Class Appraisal as our preferred AMC.  Your website makes it easy to order an appraisal and the communication portal is always tended to quickly, which is not the experience with other AMC’s.

- Luis D. Machain

Class Appraisal by far is the BEST appraisal management company!  Their service is phenomenal and they truly care.  Their turn times and their dedication with the appraiser partners, as well as their website is, by far, an industry leader.  They are, and will continue to be, my appraisal management company!

- Carrie Johnston

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