Send Payment Link To Borrower

Below is the process in which you can send a payment link to your borrower.  Please contact us at 866-333-8311 to enable this feature in your profile.

Class Appraisal has set up a system for our clients in which you can have your borrower(s) pay directly for their appraisal services.  After this feature is enabled in your profile, you will then have the option to “send a payment request” to their borrower. This can be useful as sometimes borrowers are leary of giving credit card information to anyone over the phone. This also benefits Class Appraisal if the borrower enters their own payment information directly as it should reduce the number of chargebacks (or successful chargebacks) we receive.

After you complete the order form, you are taken to the payment screen. As seen in the screenshot below, you have any number of options for payment.


You would click on “Send Payment Request to Customer” which would have you confirm the borrower’s e-mail below and they would click “Send E-Mail” (marked with red box in picture).

The borrower would then receive an e-mail which looks like the picture below.


When the borrower clicks the link labeled “Click here for your invoice”, they are taken to a secure site where they can enter their billing and credit card information.


After filling in the credit card information, they will need to accept our payment terms and conditions (by checking the box) before they can hit “Submit”.

That is how easy it is!  If you have any questions, please contact us at 866-333-8311.