Single-Family Residential Appraisal, Non-Owner Occupied – 1004, w216 and 1007

Form 1004

Used to estimate the market value of a property as defined in Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). It provides the benefit of a full interior and exterior inspection.

This report is similar in all respects to the standard Single Family Residential Appraisal with the following additions: A completed Single Family Rent Schedule (form 1007) and an Operating Income Statement (form 216).

Like the standard Single Family Residential Appraisal, this product also includes the following:

  • A completed URAR form
  • Subject property photos including front, rear, street scene and any amenities substantially affecting marketability and/or value
  • Comparable sales photographs
  • Flood map if property is located in a flood prone area
  • A floor plan sketch with exterior dimensions and gross living area calculations
  • Location map showing accurate locations of the subject and all sales utilized in the report and appropriate certifications and limiting conditions
  • Completed 1007 and 216 form