Single Family Residential Appraisal – 1004

URAR Form 1004.

The Single Family Residential Appraisal is used to estimate the market value of the subject property as defined in Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). It provides the benefit of a full interior and exterior inspection.

The Single Family Residential Appraisal is completed in compliance with Class Appraisal National Appraisal Services and Lender guidelines. The product includes the following attachments:

  • A completed URAR form
  • Subject property photos including front, rear, street scene and any amenities substantially affecting marketability and/or value
  • Comparable sales photographs
  • Flood map if property is located in a flood prone area
  • A floor plan sketch with exterior dimensions and gross living area calculations
  • Location map showing accurate locations of the subject and all sales utilized in the report and appropriate certifications and limiting conditions