What are your prices and what type of products do you offer?
On our home page, there is a ‘Products’ tab in which you can see a list of all the products Class Appraisal offers.  When placing an order, you will also have the option to view the list of products, fees, and turn times.

How do I log into my account?
Please go to our website, www.classappraisal.com, and click on the tab that states ‘Client Login.’  If you have an existing account,  please login. If you need to create an account, please select the ‘Sign Up’ option.

How do I place an order?
Once you have signed into your account, select ‘New Order.’ After this is selected, you will be prompted with a new screen.  Please correctly fill out as much information as possible under all categories.  Where applicable, make sure to notice the required fields marked by a red asterisk (*).

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Please Note: All files must be paid by credit card before the order will be assigned.  Please contact our office for other available options.

When is the credit card charged?
The credit card will be charged before the order is assigned to an appraiser.  If the credit card is declined, we will notify you immediately.

Can I recommend or request an appraiser to complete the assignment?
Unfortunately, due to Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR) you cannot choose or recommend an appraiser.  However, we are always looking for new appraisers, so please feel free to direct them to our sign-up page located here.

I logged in, but can’t seem to find my order. What should I do now?
On the home page of your account, please select one of the search options under the  ‘In Field’ dropdown box. To search for an older file, please select the ‘Placed’ option.

I ordered the wrong appraisal type. Can I change it if the order has not been completed?
If the appraisal is not completed, we can usually change the appraisal type.  In such cases, please contact our office immediately to check the status of your file. If the report is not complete and we have confirmed with the appraiser that we can change the appraisal type, you will be charged or refunded the difference. If the report is complete or almost complete, you will need to order an upgrade or a different appraisal type.

I received a notification that my report was complete. How do I obtain my report?
You will need to log into your account and search for the file that you need.  You may double click the file once it appears in your queue.  This will take you to a new screen that will provide you with your order details. All necessary documents pertaining to the order will appear under ‘Documents.’  This is also where you can review the appraisal report.

Where do I get my invoice?
All necessary documents pertaining to an order will appear under ‘Documents’ in that particular file.

How do I request a revision?
Once you have selected the completed order in question from your queue, please select ‘Revision Request’ under the ‘Other Actions’ tab.

I need to have the property re-inspected because the appraisal was marked subject to, how do I do that?
You will need to log into your account and place a new order for a Final Inspection (1004D). Please ensure the ‘subject to’ conditions have been addressed before placing a new order for a Final Inspection.

I had a conventional appraisal completed, but now we’re changing the loan to FHA. How do I get the appraisal changed?
We cannot change the loan type on an appraisal report.  You will need to order an FHA appraisal and have a new inspection completed.  If this occurs shortly after the original report has been completed, we can often discount the cost.  It does however, depend on the appraiser and whether or not the market has changed since the effective date of the original report. Also, if the original appraiser is not FHA approved, then there is no option but to order a new appraisal at full cost.

What do I do if I don’t agree with the value of the appraisal?
We ask all Clients to go to the www.classappraisal.com website and select the ‘Client Services’ tab on the home page. Please choose ‘Reconsideration Request’ from the menu.  The Reconsideration of Value process is designed to provide the best possible service to you, the Client.  Please include the information you feel is incorrect and any additional sales you would like reviewed.  This information will be reviewed by one of our specialists in the Reconsideration Department. A Reconsideration of Value typically takes 48-72 hours.

What if I cannot remember my User ID and Password for your website?
On our home page, please select ‘Client Login.’ By doing so, you will have the option to select ‘Forgot Password.’ The system will automatically send an email with the login information to the email address associated with the account.