Quality Control Manager

Job Description:

The Quality Control Manager needs to have in-depth knowledge of the Appraisal / Mortgage Industry and their Real Estate Appraiser’s License.  They are responsible for managing the daily quality control workflow through our appraisal platform. The QCM will direct and manage the QC team in order to attain the highest level of performance and productivity within guidelines and industry standards. The QCM will have strong communication skills, as well as a sharp attention to detail while delivering USPAP, AIR and Dodd-Frank compliant products to the client.  The QCM will monitor all activities in their department on a daily basis to ensure the highest quality in service.

Desired Skills & Experience:

Essential Duties:

  • Manages quality control staff in accordance with company policy and procedure
  • Assists in development of policies and procedures that relate quality control
  • Analyzes and documents business processes and problems. Relays development ideas to management to enhance efficiencies
  • Ensures that product being sent to the client meets USPAP guidelines and it compliant with AIR and Dodd-Frank
  • Establishes performance expectations for staff
  • Monitors and reviews daily reports which measure staff performance
  • Monitors the QC/Admin report, the Daily Production Report and the Daily Escalated Files report
  • Formulates strategies to help meet company goals
  • Conducts annual performance evaluations for staff
  • Handles escalated issues that cannot be handled by Team Leader
  • Identifies, researches, and resolves issues using effective problem solving skills
  • Works with Vendor Manager to help counsel panel appraisers who are underperforming or who require additional guidance
  • Develops employees by conducting or providing ongoing training

Non-Essential Duties:

  • Assists with on-the-job training for new employees
  • Assists other departments as needed.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment
  • Must demonstrate a strong attention to detail
  • Must demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Must demonstrate the ability to think critically, problem solve and prioritize tasks


  • High school diploma or equivalent required, some college coursework preferred.
  • Real estate appraiser’s license required


  • Prior experience in the appraisal or mortgage industry required
  • Two years of management experience required
  • Five years of customer service experience required
  • Basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills required


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