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NEW THINKING: The first step to faster loan closings and collateral risk mitigation is choosing a solid partner. We are part of the 1% of companies that offer Nationwide coverage. We engage with valuation experts who cover Every State, Every County and Every Street in the nation. We realize that appraiser competency, both product and geographic, is essential in producing a bulletproof report. Class Appraisal has identified and partnered with the most competent RE Appraisers and hand selects the perfect professional for each assignment. We are not just another appraisal vendor, rather your trusted advisor supporting you through the life of the loan and beyond.

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NEW SOLUTIONS: We customize work flow processes and dedicate specially trained support teams that fit the varying needs of each client. Client specific needs and requirements are embedded in every step of the process from assignment to the quality examination of every file. We provide fast and affordable products allow your business to compete and grow as quickly as you want. Whether you’re a nationwide lender, regional credit union or community bank, we align you with a valuation specialist and a support team available 7 days a week. Our team ensures a seamless process from beginning to end.

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NEW DIRECTION: Navigating through the new era of appraisals is no easy task. Drawing upon the collective knowledge of industry veterans, we ensure a safe and compliant process. Class Appraisal has professionals who cover Every State, Every County and Every Street. Our Nationwide average turn time is 5 days or less! There is no amount of volume or level of difficulty we have not successfully delivered. Let’s face it, appraisals are not meant to be glamorous. The loan process and purchase or refinance of a home is one of life’s pinnacle moments. While we can’t put a bow on our product or make it smell good, we can however, ensure the First Class experience and deliver credible reports across the nation.

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